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7. Are these Internet pages...

To you. Are these Internet pages
contemporary and  the future; do you entrust
pages to give benefits and advantages of your
life? The objective is big.


I have renewed the content of the web
pages for many years. There is a need for
to succeed, because people are waiting
for a better ..

Finnish vocational
education and training

Read an interesting road  After one
minute, after paragraph 3.

Present in your life now
There is spoken openly

1. overstressed at work, during leisure time,

2. Do you come overstressed at work,
    during leisure time, learning?

3 . Do the job, education, hobbies give
possibility to your future? To your life?


4. Can I talk about my problems, my
expectations my good wishes? Without
fear. Anyone listening to me? Problems
can be taken off.

See the pages ... Off the

The problems are written to memory ...
electronically.  The debate should be honest, Linnun_silman_avulla_2..JPG
anxieties are multiplied open minded. Annoy
the issues raised.   (Sirpa Syvänen,  researcher,
Working life Research Institute.)

The teaching of the cataclysm to improve ...

Finland will revolutionize education in future.
There does not continue the same  lesson to
hundreds of thousands.

In the future: The vocational
training, Pisa, renews, will
be revolutionary,

because learning stresses a students. There is
discussed how education is carried forward and
is improved in Finland.

The learning outcomes
have   deteriorated

In Finland, students over-tired, stressed and
read less in school now.

Stress reduces learning and distancing from
the know-how ... Large differences in school
against the home-life.

Students complain that the school will get left
behind  the current life. Youth life is completely
different at home, in front of the net and leisure
time as at school / work.

The Cause of the weakness - no money. The
real cause is not to discuss with the students.

Adults are to blame for
young people in difficulties

Young people are at the top, the school is not.
Young people are higher up than you think.
Example. I went to the family's house. 11 years
old son introduced me to how to the play's story
should be resolved. I was wondering son more t
han wisdom.

Youth of mind lives demanding life, what school 
to teach young people now.

Old time off

Old-time teaching need to change to the current
time, to the future of young people is ensured.
Actor Training has been more out-of-date.

I heard negative teaching from theater school
students.  Students began to tell of teaching
level, I was shocked. I can not tell a depressing
relevant to public. I liked the furious to help the
speech of students.

Finland renew compulsive

Finland reforms life to safe,  because the Prime
Minister  and the head of the company's force
is  strong. Repentance comes after several years.
Prime minister  is not a politician.

For more information on the reform of education.
Before: Millions learned the same work and
the same knowledge.

In the future:
For millions is not taught in the same language,
the same math, the same history, writing the

same writing, the same

Each student is learning things, which is
interested in, is the desire to learn, it is want
to go forward with this knowledge.

To Us There are taught that knowledge and skill,
what consumers / buyers want. We learned
new also at company level.

To Us are taught that knowledge and skill, what
consumers / buyers want. We learned new
also at company level.

The people are shaked, Unity, David Helgeson:
Virtual education, training, leisure, to serve, the
film will shake the world.  These pages will be
reformed and think about the future.


This removal of the old way of life is the
difficult things in life.

We learn new life skills and live. But at the
same time an old way of life to be continued.
The old way is easier to live, is completed,
the new life we ​​do not learn.

The work names will be deleted.

I sat nine years at the university. Not a
professional, when we are sitting.
The name of the profession should
not be sitting around. Is it not the time.

The latest trade name.
Newest vocation went
Improvements Adder to work.
Improvements author
Interests Adder
Improvements made by

The film industry is renewed: Control
exits, the names of exits  -and  Services
Management profession can  not be,  if
the aim of improved skills.

The future:

At vocational school you will learn how
to get the tools, to help you make your
dignity, improvement, quality and more service...