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Last rehearsal before the lie  funeral. We see a lot 
of relatives at the lie funeral. Will we succeed
to conceal the lie funeral - Henry is really dead.

Last rehearsal before the lie funeral

Reason for the lie Funeral: Henry is threatened 
by an evil man. Henry is afraid.   Henry out of 
people's eyes and thoughts through the lie 

The high cost of the film can be brought down.  The
important thing is to get  skills, competences, work is
and successes to stand up. And more.

Content: Lie funeral planners laugh.   Down the cost
of work– more skills.




The people of the world will neverforgive when the

money of high life values was taken away. Money 203,000

euros and other money and wealth. About EUR 0.5 million

money has disappeared away.

The D organisation has prevented some of the

money from being transferred for the benefit of people,

even the help goes to high life values.

The investor's demand and will is to reduce
Less racism,
Less carbon dioxide,CO2
Less poverty,
Less injustice,
Less belittling than women,
Less terrorist attacks,
Less sex slavery,
Less money laundering.

The investor's requirement is to:

You'll learn more.

You'll get professionalism.

You're fine.

You'll get well-being.


 The digital program brings successes.

Small costs. A little planning in advance. The speeches

are seen  from the screen. The coffin cover will not be

brought in the middle of the forest. Two trunks on

which the body coffin is lowered.
  The body coffin high.

Cloudy day, a camera in the same  persons on the side

of the body coffin. Far away from people. Do not include

lawnmowers’  sound , etc. sounds

Strange, interesting sight:

A white body coffin garment and a body coffin approach in

the woods.  Living dead man walks forward in white clothes

The body coffin is brought in - is a strange, stopping sight.

Henry goes to sleep in the body coffin.
1. Henry: - This position in the body coffin is the latest of 7 billion

people  esting place. It's nice to rest.  The answer should be invented

as ridiculous....


2. How does it feel about the latest whereabouts of 7 billion

people, the body coffin - early?

Facial expression of the digital program. Get people's

faces right.  E.g. the question affects every person.

3. Laura: - Have you done good deeds for people before

you die?  Laura asks, but Laura's expression should be


4. X: - Is your conscience clear of what you're doing

when you ascend to heaven?  To ask this question, 
the questioner should have a laughing gaze.


4. John, where did you bring such beautiful death clothes? 
(= stolen from the morgue). The answer is to add to the 
body room’s memories in order to create laughter.

John's Right Facial Generates Laughter. What kind?

5. A volunteer gave up.  John's face should look strange

(thinks at the same time about the desecration of the deceased).

John says the phrase timidly and quietly. Laura has a strange

look on her face.


6. Did you thank?

John, face strange-looking

7. The donor wasn't expecting a thank you.

(the donor didn't want to hear the praise.)

8.  If we fail to arrange the funeral. I am
fear of my nature. + Change.

9. The lei funeral is planned for 3 months. We won't fail

at the lie funeral. Scientists have been planning this funeral.

More truth for the funeral. Let's cry.


10. I can't cry, I don't have the talent of an actor.


The professor continues:

11. I went to see the woman students of the theatre school.

2 students He's going to cry for the Henry's lie funeral. Rewards

a summer frock.

Let's invite a theater school student to tell us how to learn to cry.

I have the ability to cry.
12. As a deceased, I will not pay bills and taxes.
The guard flashes 180 degrees around. 4 sec
Person X:
13. You are now in the books of the last living people. 

Henry gets a loud food sound, the sound rising from his
Henry sneezes the bottom of the body coffin,
a genuine sound from the CD.


14.  Then don't fart in the bodycoffin, at the funeral.

Also, don't snore, cough or urinate on the floor Laughter.

15. I have one wish for you dear friends. My commemorative  
speech at the funeral must be praising me.


16. Henry, what day were you supposed to die?

I'm going to write a car crash in a newspaper.