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2.Young people's wishes

The life will change steeply in the future. statue_man.JPG
The young people must go especially to
the digital world along so that it will
secure, it will come during the change
and later.

The wishes of the young people have
been dealt with an expert in my group.
The answers of young people have been
obtained during a long time period
(1-4 years- Answers 55). What should be
now done to facilitate for the young


Expectations, wishes:

o  ' I would succeed in the life. With the change
of the world and  of  the threats are
written a lot in papers.

o  ' I would get the study  place, a job +  a
happy life, a moderate  arrival, alone the
being could end.

o  ' I  would not hurry in the life according
to  the crisis. It is problems on the friends
- I have heard   of the bad stories...’

Nowadays the people talk about the digital
service a lot. How would we learn a new
approaches with the help of digital
programmes?' The experts talked
about… a
different times:


Every third know-how

disappears away

Every third work will  disappear away -
during 20 years. The new  work is created out
but do I get the skill to  work with digital
Many professional skills will
become unnecessary -, the know-how is
unnecessary. it is sad.


We talked about Erik Brynjolfsson, the
professor. Before, in 1980-2010's: We gave
tasks to the computer. Future: The computer
solves problems away and gives us the
decisions. Work is released away large
numbers of by the million people. The
productivity of labour rises up.

It is a question of the

contents of the life


How do we support unemployed people?
Who feels well in the life? Who gets an
interesting life? The computers will work in
the future the works of millions of people.

The computer looks for the important
information around the world. The solution
will come forth and in front of us. Example,
you ask, you write.


Much help will come to the

life.  The solution - we are

involved in the speed of the

digital economy

 In the family the cancer has taken the
father in the grave.  How am I preventing
the arrival of the cancer?


I FEED TO MYSELF? will. (a family a fault)
computers have looked for the cancer
information around the world and answer
you, it talks to you.

Moving, ... the walk prevents forward the
growth of the cancer in advance. To keep
with the food calculate down food to your


The computer 'remembers' and knows of
your ways of life

>, you have bought fruits, vegetables
during 2 months, all parts of the grain
along in bread, fish.

The computer helps you on the way
of your life.fruit__to_eat.JPG

You could eat more these. You have rested
little, your sleep has been fragmentary a
week ago. Why? Will you have troubles in the
evening at home?
How does the social life succeed forward?


The life of the human being will be made to
succeed when
the economy of the country is
improved and also repaired forward. The
human being and the country will go upwards.

The politicians do not solve the big
problems of the country. The politicians
propose to make more
a debt. The helping
tools are not used, the tools would remove
problems of tens of thousands of people.
There it has been wrong acted already for
100 years. Secret_man_of_the_group2.jpg

You have written that the wrong
information is shared around. What
do you mean ’?

When the people's life is obtained around
the world to a bad state, the support of
some parties will rise up.   Thanks!
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland

I have drawn the man who is in a secret group. 
The man is  knowing the problems of the young
people  but  he does not   want to reform anything.