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19. Better outlook, when we have...

The experts of the economy

have talked to me Better out-

look, when we have the



I got post: The doctrines are not said, the
valuable information is not divided into
the help for the young people. I met the
expert of the UN and China, the founder
of new jobs, Timo Niklas Salminen.

Americans: we would copy the structures of
your artificial intelligence - immediately and
dollars to us. . From many:  Your
reforms are not needed. I have written and
have shaped 20 pages of the structures of
the artificial intelligence on the paper.

When economic growth 'is

made', the money can be

directed for developing


2. Our objective is to add the economic
growth and welfare to the humans with

Forword_1.JPGthe help of the artificial intelligence and
the culture sector humans.

The people need successes

more.  He/ she has born

under a lucky star

We cannot forget the artificial intelligence
and the digital programme which help us and
 the factors of films in the better skills
of the life.

The human being is skilful but the human
being neither remembers nor does doing
well with the programming.The programme
reminds in the part of 24 quality.

The new technique knows and teaches to
make service with more valuable to the
people to include 24 qualities.

The technology of the entertainment is
helping, advising and developing forward
the films. The competition increases for
the services and good films. The position
of the workers and companies requires
more security.

The artificial intelligence and the digital
programme bring security into our work
and more wise into our work ways.

The quality and the value increase to work
and to free time with the artificial


The best teachers in the world are
according to the study in Finland but the
boys succeed poorly with the girls at school DREAM_1.JPG
(Pisa  study).  It is an anxiety in the bad luck,
professors of the teaching.  Also around the
world the young people meet too much
demands and obstacles of the life in front
of them. The young people do not always
believe in the future and success.

Do I succeed in my life?

Young people, pupils, workers should be
listened to.

For what improvements do you hope on
way of the life?

Nowadays it is presented: The responsibility
to take self would like the own life. The
problems of the life must be taken to the
discussion with in the the adults
people's help.



1. What is important in your own life?

2. What help would you like to get in the
digital programme?

3. How will your welfare increase when
you take an interest in physical education
and other?

4. What obstacles will be coming to your
the front? The problems of the young
people have begun already at the ages
of 5.  The parents should be along in the
children's life. To read fairy tales to the
children. Funny discussions with children –
with young people. How will your life go?
Was it possible to calculate bill 341 right?


How many litres are there water in your
body? Which day of the week you will fill
years until year 2045?

BUT the people are offered too much
inferior quality of information. Stop. The
problems of the young people are our
problems, everybody alone not, the
teachers, companies, father and mother.

A negotiation with the teachers. Post to
me from teachers. A better doctrine - the
contents of the learning and the way of
the learning improve. The teachers are
worried from where we find more
necessary know-how to in the teaching.


The teachers ask: Where may we learn
from in a better way to teach? What
doctrines are transferred to the teachers?
What doctrines are distributed around so
that our life will succeed in the work, in
the leisure, in family life and in other?
Seppo Korpela, Nokia, Finland ok