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10. Helping people first

Work, career, study, work habits, leisure
time succeed  when the accident is selected
correctly in learning.

There  is selected  the success of the road, to
avoid  a  failures.

Pisa teaching / training right path in Finland

Minister Olli Rehn keeps the success of life
essential. The most important thing is  helping
science.   A wise way of life.

Helping people first, later the theory and

Science, research, study plus another are serving
people and public assistance. The Help is needed
to move forward,  in order to overcome  of everyday
things, receipt of revenues and the safety.

The second way does not bring results. A civilized
value,  civilized knowledge, civilized value civilized
research, the theory of  knowledge in life do not
help a lot of to people. Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland

I am applying for grants, so that I can help better of
the different groups, young people, education ...

The success of adder