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9. My speech, Digital
program helps

Digital program helps the writing and creative
work. Digital program advises you to do the
work properly.  Good results will be writing.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Young people need support to life now
The success and purpose increase.

About entrepreneur I started my work by helping
businesses and workers. I taught workers to solve
problems out of work. Problems were removed,
and quality amenity for increased satisfaction.

I will present the unfinished digital programs.

The service sector, culture and film production etc.
Others need to rise up: the revolution, tool, the
digital  program,

which controls the computer people at work.

When the work is done with a computer, Creative,
writing work and improve the design facing

Digital program guides to improve the quality of
TOP, digital program controls to refine their work
more valuable,
digital program guides to ensure the success of
- While doing the job.

When you are working in front of your computer,
you will see a digital program instructions. Digi
program displays: Pay attention important think
these things. Important things.

You're working at your computer and at the same
time see instructions, a computer screen, or on
the side of the second screen.

I've written 600 pages of a novel / movie
script / youth assistance. I've tested ...
I wrote the same thing the Economic Journal.

Digital program asks: What are consumers,
customers expect from your job? This is the
same thing   the writings
How does this work can be processed further in
order to Consumers interested in / purchase

Digital program controls the pre-planning to
eliminate  the problems, failures, excessive costs,
unnecessary. Digital program provides enhanced
work productivity,  profitability, quality, value
added up. cost-effectively - while working
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland