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21. Indian young
man wants...

I met the leader of the company and of his

India_man.JPGson on the exhibition in the autumn
of 2016.

The Indian young man wants to send the
message to the young people of the world:

The young should study and should be
diligent because the world changes now
very fast to the digital economy. The
future is bringing uncertainty to our life -

in the future - I will be surprised at the
strange future.

The electric digital work takes over the
jobs. I will hope that the father and the
mother support the young people when
there is a difficult time in the life...  And still
one wish the father and the mother should
be with the young people more and discuss
what to lead the adults' life.


I met the leader of the compan.

When you go to India, you will see big
possibilities to travel and to have work
made in India. The Indian work cheaply.
Opportunities are provided to you In India
because the economy increases up by
3-5% per year. The population is 1,3
   India will be coming the
country of the trade and the future

The countries want to have work made
in India. India buys: the technology and
the digital programmes are exported to
India. India buys products which have been
developed to high. Refined product must
be helped the life of the Indian and
problems must be solved away.