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6. Digital guides and...

The digital programme, the automatic machine
guides, advises, keeps important - the quality
is obtained to the story / film in the planning.


Automatic machine knows

The work will succeed when the work becomes
ennobled better and higher. The automatic
machine is more wise than a human being.

Wrong of the part quality is a trap

The wrong improvements of the quality have
been designed against young people. Uber of
the film field tries to prevent quality and
feeling happy downwards. The young workers
are not able to act by psychologic expressions.

The secret intrigue of the quality

Now the improvement of the quality is
searched for about a small one a part of the
factor. The expressions and the muscles will
be  a part factor, when one acts the story.
(Post:)  The young workers do not know the
movements  of the muscles and the
expressions of the face.  50 pieces of muscles.
It is wrong. Many other  factors are raising the

Lihakset_2_miesta__2.JPGquality up.  The quality is distorted by the
movements of   muscles.

The weaknesses of the young people
are looked for

The second example.
An attempt is made to increase the quality by
the violence. The polices from world: The
examples not to Isis terrorists. The violence
is the secret intrigue of the quality.

Wrong road to the quality. The story
is acted over

The red lines are muscles in my drawing, 50
muscles. A wrong example. The doorbell
rings.  The man will come and says
passionately: Against you it is plotted.

The woman X is getting a child, a father is not
known. From the middle-aged actor's 50
meats started to operate. The body moves.
It is shown. The speaker turns upwards,
downwards, to the left, to the right. The
hands are in the fist, from 50 meats moves,
when the actor talks.


This movements of muscles is one part of the
quality. Only one part. The secret intrigue of
the quality.

The quality. Stop - to the
same  to descriptions

Uber of the film field tries to prevent the
copying and imitating of other films. The same
events were lately. In the films there has been
copies 10 000 times. The description is not
connected to the story. Uber of the film
field asks Why?

The examples.
1. The car passes other cars, it has been
ordered to laugh in the descriptions.

2. The weapons are used against the people
and are fought with the people. It has been
ordered to kill fast.


3. There are people in the restaurant. It has
been ordered to swing the body in every
direction, smile + the hands up. 4. Girls, women
and young people will be underrated when
there is the worker of the film. 5. Matter on
weekday: do you eat, you drink, you saw Isabel
yesterday? It is a page matter in the story.

Uber … it serves people and workers

The Uber the film field proposes more
demanding so that the value of the
entertainment will rise up. the work becomes
ennobled to a high value.

We succeed forward. The professional skill of
the  workers is increased up. The information
of the doing is not hidden.

It is a worry about the global warming. The
global warming is prevented by work. By. The
work is done with the help of the digital
programme. It is an objective that the


professional skill, the know-how and the
good  practices increase into the work.
Separate  work ways, the ways of the
different life should be reformed by
16 000 milliard euros so that the climate
will not warm, during 14 years.

Reforms the power not to the same

But but... The reforms of the film field are
resisted because the posts around the world
turn. The e-mail has gone to the wrong
addresses. Message of e-mail: Reforms not
– we the power of the middle-aged decreases
down. Has the post come to Finland? I do not
understand, it is not needed

The new values of the life and quality system
should be created to the film field. The
quality and the entertainment consist of the
12 part. Values of the living: The women's
share in the story is at least 30% and
demanding work and other. Seppo Korpela
Nokia Finland