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4. Stop, the crookedness
and the USA

The administration of the United States
makes big damage to
people and to 180
The people's understatement
away,  because the studying weakens down.
The  study: Milliard people's understatement
calculates the people's desire to learn, to
read, to develop forward.

Scholarship, but

the secret e-mails


I have made many matters. The standard of
work has risen over my  brain. I made very
difficult plans to help the people. 2 plans,

1. The help will come. I participate in the
competition how more welfare is obtained
and how all the people are got along. The
know-how increases in the life.

The e-mail contains the
young people's matter

The e-mail contains the young people's
matter. The post has gone to the wrong

2. I sent the scholarship application, 445
pages: The Uber of the film field and
improvement of the quality and other.
Objective: the young people succeed in the
life. The young people should be raised up.
I have got post: The secret e-mail spreads
from one country to another.

It will be good when

it is talked

3. I have thought about my difficult work. I
have got post. In the post one reads: In the
film field the women, girls and young people
must not go forward –threat to the middle-
aged people. The financial matters of the film
field are secret. We disapprove of openness
and helping of the others. We disapprove of
the quality system, we will create the quality
indicators ourselves if the indicator is

I have discussed with the people of the film
field. Wrong plans behind the honest and
good  people's back. 6 milliard people must
not group,  good – bad human being.

Bad axle

1. Problem: The United States, administration:
The people are grouped to the 2nd class, a
good  or a bad human being. 3 milliard women
have  been criticised down.


Trade war lowers the

standard of living

2. Problem: The United States administration,
trade war. 180 countries hope, No the war.
The  freedom. The made products one can sell.
About   3 milliard people can do work. The
poverty begins. Walls, obstacles are not built
on the border of the country.

Britain wants to have


free interests

The people's discrimination is hidden

Brexit, Britain is discriminating against the
people of 180 countries. The big country is
being made from Britain. Britain negotiates
advantages to itself but matters secretly.
Britain is not paid, anything of the
If there are been friends, matters will not
Margaret Thatcher: The people's welfare will
come when it is traded in.
Poverty researcher: The trade with all the
countries has reduced poverty  about  1
milliard people.

The quality of the

entertainment is wrong

The reforms are resisted

3. The crookedness, pressure and supremacy
increase in the film field. The women have
sent post to me this way from the American
from the film school: Wrong direction.

- the high quality will come to the cinema
   when you kill the people fast.


- the acts of the killing will be practised for
   a long time.

- the weapons of the killing are designed in
   the plastic factories, the new forms and

- the matters are agreed on with the people.
The agreements do not keep, their place. - In
America the cost prices can be 10 times
higher than elsewhere. 180 countries do not
have money.


- the film party is a theatre, exaggeration,
  images, a supremacy up. The Isis terrorists'
  eyes happy about the Americanism.

Post from separate countries: The violence
films are the good example to  the Isis
terrorists. The isis terrorists buy Americans
the violence films.

The videos are watched smiling on the camps
education. Hard the terrorists clap America

From China, it is hoped:

Help and cure forward

China is coming to the help, spread
information. The bad solution is Hollywood.
The powers are combined with Europe and
with other countries. The cooperation in
trade, science, culture and in other. The
trade war not because the sales of the
products and services decrease down in the
trade war. The trade war speeches break
economic growth. China has respectful life
values, when the United States compares.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland