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3. Wrong information
has spread

The problems of the world will be
obtained away when the politicians
want to remove them.

' When there  are problems, we will
have enough  support', the politician

A lot of - wrong information has
spread, internationally

The economy persons who have
learned have spread the wrong
information how the problems of
the society are obtained away.

How is the work is obtained to
young people how the economic
growth adds and dozens of other


The information has been kept in a
dark - the shortcoming will come to
a middle-aged little. A lot of
drawback will come to the young

Wrong information:

A country begins to live on the help of the oath

A town begins to live on the help of the oath

A company            "                "                   "

A organisation     "                "                   "

A household         "               "                   "

A human               "                "                   "

The society will begin to become
more lively and more work come
when one lives on the help of the

Finnish researcher and director
Vesa Vihriala the life with the debt
does not bring help.

When we go to buy products and
services in the shop with the help
of the debt, the economy will
increase up nor the good health
come more (purchasing power).
The Swedes go less shopping like
the Finns.

The right information is hidden 


The e-mail has come from America.

What a part of the objectives was a
scholarship in your application? There
were a lot of wishes of the

1. Racism away the
2. women's understatement away
3. Against the terrorism
4. Innovaatios and

work is done another part objective
(+ 18).

The trees of the world clean away
pollutants free

I wrote in newspaper: 115
environment organisations do not
support carbon dioxide that milliards
x  milliard trees absorb the pollutants
of the globe = to himself in tree. The
forestry companies and politicians
continued the discussion.

Problems and accidents are obtained
away, Problems and accidents of the
human will be obtained away when a
valuable information is spread, the
problem is solved. The reason for
the accident is the 3rd factor. The
encryption of the information does
not build a life.  Seppo Korpela Nokia