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FILM design 2


The professor sent the 200

same the letters

I have got worried when the unknown groups,
companies determine the wrong quality and that the
production of the film costs a lot. The consumers
must determine what is entertainment, for example
the violence not.

The manuscript of the film is being created 
with the help    the  digital  programme 
forward.  The digital programme  advises.

1. Why will the professor do this way with

Varikkaita_kirjekuoria_2..JPGthe women? The people and women are
surprised and are asking in themselves.
The relative Laura is by the power of the

The women have sent colourful
letters to the professor.

2. Professor 28 years old and sends 200
the  love letters to the strange unknown
women.  Every letter is the same words to
200 women. The letter gives the picture,
only one letter left...


3. Why? The professor has of autism. His
autism says: The women are partly air to
him. The illness tells that the feeling is
missing but the professor har other too
many strengths. He is over wise, over
knowing and the heart is intelligent.

4. The professor taught the psychology
and the writing at the university. He
gave the good numbers from the tests
only to girls 4 + -
to boys 3.2_riikinkukkoa_1..JPG

5. He wants to make the friendship with
the women and let for marrying. He
approaches students, woman. In the
professor's room he talks psychology
thinking with the woman. The boys of
the university have complained about the
favoring of the girls. The professor's work
ends. The girls mourn the professor's end

A wonderful way to be with

the women

6. The professor has written and has sent
letters little earlier. He advertises his skills
to Henry and John, three are a boy men.


- You can write to amuse what to the
women (to Spanish women)The women
believe your words and the truth. I have
read the women's psychology and life of
their soul. I know about …

7. He neither commands nor remembers of
200 sending letter. Who woman is love
which has received, a letter and how many
letters have left. to.

Can the professor behave

this way with the women?

8. The professor must write letters
diplomatically because he does not

remember the ways of 200 women's life,
hobbies, the transmission days of letters
and other matters. He goes to duplicate /
to copy 200 love letters in the printing
house. ( My manuscript contains the values
of the life, sex matters not, the violence
not and change twenty life values.)


The truth can go far?



I thank for very warm thoughts towards me.

You have sent  the same words  to  my girl friend

also. Has a mistake come?   I am a very lonely
woman, 19 years old.

I have now to read more when our good professor
got the final account because he was too good a
human being.

One woman wrote  to  Ronald immediately.

The women of the university are in the power
of the sorrow.

The good professors do not sit on the branch
of every tree