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The blackening of
the United States

(I discussed with 6 experts, supporters)

 2 economic systems strove for forward also in
the 1960's. Which economic system does win?


The market economy developed. The socialist
economy fell behind in the superiority. The
secret groups began to operate in all the
market  economy countries also against the
United States.

When the market economy countries'
development was resisted, the socialist
economy  did not fall behind. Opponents :
Small and medium- sized companies are not
worth founding, the  defence ability of the
own country is reduced so  that the defence
ability of the socialist country  will come

The fight for the superiority of the economies
and the Cold War started the secret groups to
the operation.


The blackening of the
United States was begun
systematically and



There are hundreds of examples

History proves it: the socialist
economy  admirers wrote
in magazine
in  the 1980s,  I read magazines.  My
support group also remembers writings.America_3__Silmat.JPG

The American science
has created AIDS

AIDS is spreading ahead of American


Black Painting of the United States had
been scientifically  designed. It is an
objective to make the millions of people
get angry  against the Americans the
millions of people get angry against the


The researchers did not know in the 1980's
that the blackening and blaming of the
country could give birth to the terror attack
against the Americans. The researchers
made the conclusion in the 2010's: The
blaming of everything promotes the
doing of the terror attack.

The scientists' opinion: The blackening of

AmeriTuh3.JPGthe country makes a bad effect on small
and weak groups of people.

It is shocking to hear, and to think
that the cold  War is intimidated, that
American children, young people,
homes, cars, buildings, nature

will become ash - If
nuclear weapons are


The destruction is appalling  down the
Americans.   The trade with all the countries

is the best: The tension decreases down.
When people / countries deal with each
other, is reduced down to poverty,
the tension goes down, well-being
increases around.

Economic growth and trade with the
separate countries give much protection
to the people.

1. Parents share their time and energy with
the children. The fairy tales are read to children.

2. Young people create a new world up, that's
why we build the basis of the first way to young

3. We read all kinds of magazines; when we
know more,  how we can get more - from good
life, from secret  groups which distribute the
wrong information to us or hide  important

4. The African word of advice: the new
learning and schooling are steps towards a
better life. Learn and develop upwards.

5. Any kind of exercise improves the soul and
the body of our lives - During  - when we go
to theold age.

Good act, when a material recycles . The

Material will go less to the the waste area.Kierratys_Afrikka2.JPG

6. The World raw materials start to end.
Do not waste raw materials, plastic, metal,
glass, paper ...  Circulate around the natural
resources for new use. 

7. Add the technology, expertise, education,
science, the Internet at work,  automation,
new inventions. These will be a protection
when with nuclear weapons are threatened
the United States, Israel, Poland, Romani and
other countries.

The global petition: Please
spread this information

The people must understand that with the nuclear
weapon does not feel a frightening to the people
of the world, We must declare that the frightening
does not add a value to the leader of the people.

Seppo Korpela Nokia   Finland