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20. USA 4, president, racism

The solving of problems is expected from
astate principal with all the people in the
United States.



It is problems



30% will disappear from the jobs after
15     years.   Young people!   Help !!

The management requires

many skills to be with the



The president candidate tries to win the
election and to get to be a president in
320 million people United States.

It is the president's task to create up a
confidence and credibility.  


He must get  kindly along when the
problems of the 
people are solved



The people of the world work, the
presidential candidate works that of the
management demanding:     trump

You are a  different human being, I talk
you down    as a bad human being.


There are problems, such as in the world

the minor work amount - and economy do

not increase up.

Racism, mockery of the  human being and

Sorrow_of_the_war.jpgcheapening the speeches  do not add

economic growth

Trump tries to get the economic growth and

the problems away from the people:

He mocks  different people down, one

milliard   Muslims.


He takes down the different people's value,

image and respect. He takes a 3 milliard

down    the women's value.

He says down people who  have helped

others to retain   the life.

Photo: We will go up in life.

The Washington Post, my comment


Khizr Khan's boy died in Iraq when he saved

many soldiers. Trump took him down.


Khizr Khan talked the matter: 1 milliard
different people must not criticise.

The  problems of the world will be solved
together when we work.



Khizr Khan is  many  fans (My).  Khan
knows what is a war   - Also I know. 


The bombers of the Soviet
Unionbombed Finland and my father.
He was saved out of the bullets.


Difficulties in the life, more racism, the
people's discrimination and mocking...

These do not belong to the values of the
live. The terrorists' wish is that the people
would be made to quarrel with each other.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland