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8. I apologize...Trump.
Racism, problems

The investors and companies are supporting


the trade, economic growth and reducing
racism and reducing coming to the economy
of the uncertainty. The poverty decreases
away when...

We need instead of

The investors and companies have
reasonable decisions (the experts of your
way).  Investors and creators of new jobs:
Money is not moved any more to those
countries which break the EU down + with
the countries of the trade it is prevented
+   the racism is favoured over + the
problems are not removed.



The trade with all the countries. Result: the
poverty decreased down from 1 milliard
people. The people's life revived.

DSC_0069_toinen_kopio_.JPGPresident Obama and and others said.

I am sorry what else do

I apologize on behalf of many people, a
president,  the candidate Trump which
has said...

. because 3 milliard women are cheapened

Elain_ja_poika_patsas_1.jpg. the people are mocked down,

. the racism is brought along to the politics.

the wrong information is spread so that the

. young people will not get up up and so that
    the young people would suffer from the
    problems for years.

The members of the Secret union offer the
wrong doctrines to the countries and
companies. The members of the Secret union
will try to get support in the speechest when
has country and on the people problems.
The trade is complicated between 180
countries the opposition adds poverty to
1 milliard people.  Seppo Korpela Nokia