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Warranty and quality


I managed to do the job correctly We
will  succeed in life as well as  at work
and at leisure.

We solve this problem. We go past a
problem.  We do not go toward a major
problem. The certification means that we
create rules,

how to serve customers, fans, readers ...

The rules are Established for working and
life values, The success goes up. X establish.

The objective is to ensure the maintenance
of life,  while improving the quality of work
and the dignity  are lifted upwards every
human benefit.

There are already a lot of sure success.

Certification, quality   instructions to guide
us  work well and that we help people with

The benefits of good work spread everywhere.
The  objective should be that a benefit may
be 1/3 employee, 1/3 company, 1/3 customer.

If a certification and quality improvement,
Cities and states are treated better upwards.

In Finland, Greece, Spain, France, Italy plus
other countries has been consumed  cities and
government money too. Expenditure  exceed

When consumed in excess resources ought to
talk  the wrong policy.

The Internet with the money - cash income and
cash  with the expenditure would  facts.

Once seen as a cash expenditure and cash
receipts  Not to make more mistakes. The
European economic  crisis is useless.

If we know more, we will succeed more  to
prevent problems.

Quality means that every thing know how to
to make people better.

I get complaints of the English language 
fluency.  There is no quality. I have a long
inscription that life  is Other important things
than the English language.