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11. Professional skill UP

If you do a difficult work, you will grow over
yourself. The young  people were asking
a profession wishes and how the work changes
in   the digital economy.

How to proceed forward in
work, profession?


I discussed with the young actors and others.
You succeed, if there a actor's work is difficult.

What work is difficult to do in a film? Too many
matters of the  workday which we already have
seen in the life a thousand times.

If Easy work, we do not
develop forward.

Entertainment + ordinary story does not interest
a spectator.

The manuscript, digital programme directs,
Innovation, briefly,

Uber of the film field

I have got post from the world: How would rise
the professional skill of the adolescents ? Answer:


4 shaking situations in the

John and Tony break into the mortuary

The 18-year-old girl is undressed naked and
photographed. The man's body is disgraced
down. 10-year-old girl makes cry.

An own manuscript. The copying of a novel /
the manuscript
  has been forbidden (Time
15 minutes. The whole time 2 hours.)

Notice the information, a background

Must not take the girls'
clothes off


It is in the mortuaries nowadays a break-in alarm.
The Break-in alarm is at the same level as in the
banks.  Why?  The young people would go into
the mortuary and would take the young girls'
clothes off 
  in the coffin  and they would 

photograph naked girls.

History: Several times has been made this
way around the world.

The most difficult task of the novel perhaps.

The standard of work and of
professional skill is 100 % 

The lie funeral tomorrow - the white dress will
be missing 


The henry is being buried down untruely tomorrow
on Sunday.  Henry needs the white dress. It is a
hurry to find the dress.

From what?  The dress is stolen from a dead
human being - in the mortuary. Henry is a
searched man and the protectors are supporting
into the hiding place. When a human being is
dead, will not be looked for any more.

When John and Tony are inside in the mortuary,
the coffin will be  opened. The white dress is

taken off out of the man from a dead one.
(A shortened writing).

1. Standard 100%: 65-Year-old the man's the
body will be disgraced down when The dress is
stolen, John shouts to Tony: Do not touch a
carcass bare manually. You get epidemics and
bacteria from the surface of the skin. John tears
a curtain down. The body is kicked over the
curtain and is raised / the bare body is thrown
into the coffin.

John is a tidy man. The flowerpot fell on the floor:
flower earth and chips spread over the floor.
Tony sweeps earths and chips from the floor and
empties earths and chips down over the dead
person's face. John nails down the lid of the
coffin firmly, and writes:



2. Standard 100 % : Actor John weeps over
100%  genuinely, when the 10-year-old girl lies in
the child's coffin. John takes a dead child into
a fathom:

You are mine. I would have begun to support, you.
Satan, devil a alcoholic men drove (Finns
swearwords) towards the child. The backbone has
broken. (the backbone is 30 degrees down, it is

3. Tony acts: He has been in 100 % shocked
astonished, stiff, immobile helpless. Reason is
found to the conduct: breaking into the mortuary,
the man's defamation, crying and furious John.
Standard 100%. The events are genuine in 100 %.
The actor must not act 1 % much OVER. The


actor must not act over.

4. John opens the coffin in a mortuary and John
will become happy. John takes the 18-year-old girl's
clothes off away in the coffin. John smiles and
orders Tony : camera. The girl is photographed.
John raises the dead and cold girl into his fathom,
the dead feet are >. John opens the closed eyes,
clamps chins, the smile came. Tony photographs -
John's cheeks and the dead girl's cheeks together.

Silence... expectation... break... Then the lion's
roar up. John shouts by depression, the speech
belongs from open window 400 metres out all the

way to valley.




The shout turns for the forest back, : Why must
the young people die early?  Seppo Korpela
Nokia  Finland