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9. Nobel helps upwards



The nobel tells about a truth. The Nobel of
the economics Bengt Holmström 2016: I
have  edited his wisdoms.

The Nobel of the economics Bengt
Holmström : The economy will not rise up
if a money is exported to the jobs and a
salary is paid. The public finance
impoverishes of the country.

Wrong information to young

people. The life worsens down

The nobel prize winner says about the wrong

Harka_ja_SK.JPGinformation. The salaries are not paid with
the help of the debt. The countries must not
take the debt, the money with which jobs are
built and salaries are paid. With the help of
the debt the play does not give the young
persons a certainty.

Experts: It is a large amount of opposite
information in the world. The wrong advice
are distributed around. For the human being
to live to be a debt is worthwhile, the rest of
the life whole life. by. Professor men are of

America__kyyneleet_3.JPGdubious also.

'The people could live the

end  life with the debt'


The nobel:

The economic crises will come when it is
dreamt with the money. The persons who
own much money imagine too much
wealth. The rich people play with the
money too much and buy a lot. We get
rich more.


The money will go away down and into
the sea of the darkness. The value of the
money falls surprisingly. The value of homes
falls down. It is not believed the going of
the economy will go down.

The young people suffer most when, the
money disappears away. The public work
should not make the too much jobs of the

Nuoret_ylos.JPGtowns and country because they spend too much tax money out of the welfare.

The private companies develop and reform

Seckret__group_vihrea_kirkas.JPGapproaches. The private companies support
public jobs up. Digital economy... the digital
programmes must be built so that all will
win.  The disappearing people must not
come to our distant.  Seppo Korpela NOKIA