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There is no rise in professionalism and success harm to the

film director and not to the trainer. The financier

corrected the wrong ideas.

I presented my writings on this website to 22 people. Along

were financier, investor, company representative, actors,

advertisers, film director, etc.

I: Actors should be helped/directed already in the script

express stories in a funny way, with facial expressions.

The digital twin also guides to increase successes, increase

quality, increase professionalism, increase company profits,







A 17-year-old girl was murdered by a man.  Suspected

The actors thought the development  thing was good.

Film director: - I'm not in favor of it.

The instructor has time to direct.

I stood up and said firmly:

- The value of a film director does not decrease if the staff's

professionalism rises up. The instructor can spend his time on

something else – high-value to the point for the film to be

successful. The doctoral researcher has verified this: no danger

It is a good idea to add instructions to the page of the

manuscript  digital  from the side of the twin. There is a

horse in my own story. In the beginning, the actor

approaches / works behind the horse, near the hind legs

(fortunately, there is a plate in front)

The horse kicks back because the horse thinks
as a threat to the one behind. The threat can be a shadow, 
a figure, a bear. In the near side, a horse kicked a womanin
the hip,
another case: the rider's horse lay dead on the
ground in the pasture.
Healthy for work - healthy home

Digital twin advises and must be followed

- Movies need a quality certificate, better quality. Life is 
continuous learning - and work needs to be done easily.
The company is responsible for paying salaries, side costs,
development work and
taxes. Money to promote the film,
people to be employed, etc.


Condolences from people in the cultural sector to grief (helped

the cultural sector a lot)