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9. New work methods
laugh at

The new work methods laugh at the
workers of the film field. The laughters


have been always general, a reforming
people is laughed. When the steam engine,
electric light, computer were invented, the
inventors was laughed at. The laughters
are not new.

The people of the film field laugh at MY
OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE. If the horse's
laughters are heard to me.

I say: I do not have Hays, grasses to give – to
horses (to the laughers). Why is laughed at
the helping of the young people?

The information and speech of the
old time:

The vibration of the car strains the health of
the human being down.


The digital programme remembers better.
The  human does not remember the 0,5
million words of the English digital the
programme remembers.

This is the 1. part a money petition also to
the laughers. Film Henry and his woman
friends. The number of pages of the
application has been 550. The application
contains helping to young people.

1. ’The manuscript automatic machine’
directs the writing of the manuscript. I
develop forward the digital automatic
machine. Uber TAKES the film field, the
valuable information directs and advises
skills which especially the young people
Uber BRINGS the refined and ready work


2. The business ideas of my work are / the
life values are: The RIGHT INFORMATION is
the biggest factor/ help in the working.

Photograph: a copying machine.

3. The  information is not hidden. The people
must  be supported and must be helped.

The application contains to do.

4. The Environment system.

5. The System of the  improvement of the

6. The Zero - accident system.


7. The girls' and women's share rises for
example up to 28 per cent in the production
of the film. The girls and women have
important / demanding / difficult acts in the
film. The work becomes ennobled to high.

Who gave an international regulation?

The woman's value falls down and is wrong
towards the women.
   The example: The film
director had given of the work:


The woman caresses the man's urine pipe.
The man drew the  woman from the
on the ground.

Word_Trade_Center_1.JPGPhotograph Aamulehti

The right work methods add success
and national product up

We need standards, the right work methods
for the doing of the film.  I am drawing up the
right work methods.

My proposal is resisted (probably from the
United States). It is examples to give superior
know-how in the films of the United States,
to al-Qaida and Isis. One factor of the
improvement of the quality: Only one.

I look for the connections abroad.

Photograph Aamulehti

Improvement of the quality system: we do
not give the terrors the model examples.

We give the guarantee: al-Qaida and Isis
terrorist the organisation does not send
flowers to us from presentations of the film,
from examples.


We operate according with an alliance
agreement. All the parties are open – matters
are not hidden. The victory to everybody.

In this manuscript the familiar, weekday
matters are avoided in the storys.

It is driven by a car to somewhere, it is eaten,
it is walked, the car passes the second car,
the hands are swung in a restaurant, It is
been shopping.  Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland.