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11. Group meeting,
May 2017

Bird_bites_for....JPGThe young people want to

have  cooperation and up

in the life.

The young people have wanted to act in
the story of the film.  The learning and
more growth are wanted up. There are
also opponents. The reforms are not
needed, the young people do not get a
in  the life on an easier one than the
older  people.

We answer:

- Many new approaches.
- Reforms.
- Innovations.
- Digital programme. -

- Improvement of quality and
   entertainment up.

- Programmes.

A demanding work, they develop skills
up. A young person acts the professor

study_studying_inventions_1.jpgamong others. The professor has been
given notice about the work because
he went near the student girls.   He
wants for marrying with a girl.

The student girl will go into the professor's
room and asks what number I got about a
will examination? The professor locks the
door of his room. The professor talks... 7
inchs  from near of… 1st sentence about
the student girl.

- This is to me too much.


>      What did this mean?


The post has come from China.

1. The digital programmes, the digital
economy first creates up unemployment.

2. My expert group answers: The number
of the jobs will increase down when the
quality of service, entertainment is
increased up. The work is refined into
valuable upwards.


Companies: 27% does not know how helps
for people.

The young people's life will be facilitated
forward when the ways of the success are
known beforehand.


The technology leader of Northern Europe
Darren Robinson:


Your finger’s traces after is

- We are at in the net also the leisure.  We
make a note of a small and big note in a
social medium. Your act, feelings, the
writings are filed in. SOMEBODY LOOKS
AT YOUR PAST later years. The instruction
forward:    Promote the good values of the
life, learning, reforms, development up.
= good image from you. In social medium, if
sometimes somebody follows you. Director
Robinson:     What kind of way of life has the
human being had during the years which
have gone, the future is of a lot the same.


Bad direction of the world:

5 million pages of a valuable information are
hidden from young people in world
(a estimate).


Brexit. Bad example from Britain. Brexit.
Britain has hiding of 58 milliard euros
down to the dark. 1.5.2017 German
Frankfurter Allgemeire Zeitung, in
other words FAZ told.

The Britain's secret wish is

that The EU Brexit’s agreement is hidden
down.   It is hidden and  not  talked  how
Britain begins to discriminate 450 million
the EU citizens can be discriminated


Britain would get up a confidence and
credibility when the secrecy would end
down.   Debts, 58 milliard euros would be
paid to 27 countries.  Britain is asked,
accepted and used out the services. 58
Milliard euros for the use must be paid off.

The film field can get the wrong examples.
A money help is given and admitted

1. Forbidden to the relatives now.
2. Secret agreements for dozens of millions.
Colleagues, familiar,
friends grant me money,
I will later grant you money.Rahan_ahne_nainen_ranta_huippu_6.jpg

3. The service is priced over the use of

Finland,  film, boots cost under 1 million in
the film.

Russia: Film producer Ilkka Matila, Kopiosto


The help of the film is granted 1 million euros.
You will only get support if you give a dark
money to me.

Do the work with my family, the uncle's boy
works by 500 000 e. The money has
disappeared down in the country.