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A help for success of investments. For

success of a film. Investments = the

estimating of labour and time will be

gone on the opposite thinking. Sara

Tilabi, doctor, Vaasa.

Work and free time is thought in front virtual_programme.JPG

of a planning table.    I am developing

the work way, how know how to

make to a film better succeed.

The quality improves with the part

of 24 qualities.

(Virtual programme)

Those parts of the quality are chosen

which the staff knows, the company

can do well.Try_to_the_part_objektive.JPG

I study the 4 know-hows of the company.

I noticed: An investment and the film to

be done can fail if the parts of the

quality are of secondary importance

in story.

Means for the success of


How does the success ensure..

Digi programme.

The high value of the work is made to 

Digital__does_not_storys1..JPGspectators. The work of the actor are

DIFFICULT TO DO. For example:

another car is passed, it is eaten, it is

discussed, the small matters on

weekday ..

Strange but funny way to estimate the

success and investment of the film.

1.Film will be designed wrong first and

blunt. The stories are familiar copies

how the people eat, a person becomes

in from the door : Have you plotted

from me?

2. We refine film into high quality:

Difficult meetings, the surprising

events (the bride's wedding house is

pushed down on the engine power,

the second man did not get  tdhe

bride) The  points are added from

the quality matters.


I have been surprised by the post

which I have got.

Young people who begin the doing of Digital_grogramme__gnawes_matters_208.JPG

the film or the persons already in the

film field.

We begin to learn, to do, to increase

professional skill, experience quality

better with the help of the digital

programme and other. These suit

me. I am the mate. You are in the


The agreements, education, learning,

successes are needed.

If we underrate the climate threat, the Coal_lehti..JPG

climate will warm 3 degrees - before

industrial time. IPCC predicts.

Sea water is rising up 60 -110

centimetres. Hundreds of millions of

people will be losing their home when

water rises up.


I have got questions of my digital programme.

What you mean more value for a work? How

do we learn to make value = then we have high DSC_0351.JPG

professional skill. I thank for the question.

The digital programme controls. The wine

bottle is the table. You have seen the same

thousands of times. WINES ARE DRUNK.

True! True! Between investor and Seppo 

Korpela.      The money has been meant for

your projects, your learning, your helping,

help to you and such like.

The story begins …The henry arrives at 208._Money___greedy_men..JPG

aunt's home. The evangelist man is moving

property 500 000 euros out of the aunt.


66425 euro transfer from our bank account

the company had been made. The bank

noticed the deceit. Your money. 500 000

euros  have been meant to your teaching.

The transfer has been prevented. I have

clarified the matter for 2 years.

Money-grybbibg >

The story begins …The henry arrives at

aunt's home. The evangelist man is

moving property 500 000 euros out of

the aunt.

Henry becomes furious: Bloodsucker!

Bloodsucker! Return all the money and

500 000 e. Back. You suck bood up from

people of world.



to the STORY.Red_wine_to_the_mans_hair..JPG




Henry:   500 000 euros have been meant

for the young people's education, helping,

prevention of the climate threat, film

school and other. Bloodsucker!

4. What will you design then?

5. Tip: 22 young women are in the

work at a distance of 80 metres and

keep the lunch hour. 22 women see

to the yard. 6. Design: Exporter of

money 500 000 euros .. The men is

raised  to 4 metres height to end of

the house. The man is nailed to the

wall from the clothes. 7. Design... 22

women show the  arse to men. Etc..

22 arses x 3 = 66 425 e away