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The digital programme controls forward.
Correct quality is entertainment to

The wonderful e-mail goes

around the world.


 qualities in

Western countries


Quality of one matter.  The film
company imagines that it is  receiving
praise from the spectators. The same
ways will  be repeated when a tension
/ a speed is made. I got  examples from
the world with the post.

Hurray! Hurray! We drive recklessly
around the town by the car.
   We hope
to every film by a car... past.
Our future
will be the
   same for 50 year: The
weapons, murders and cars.

The quality of the entertainment will
not rise up if it is made believe:
Murders, use of weapons, violence, bad


Do not take our examples   of the film
Happy marriage broken and
down. China has new values of the life.

Many cars are passed by a car. We use big
plastic weapons for the killing of the
people. We shoot people creatively by a
different way. (We hope that the criminals
do not take, to learn from our films.

The opinions of film companies.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland