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10. Know-how rises
up, New

Onnistumisia_lisataan_engl_1.JPGThe problems can be reduced away. The soft
tools bring help for the removal of problems.
It is talked and everything know-how the
connec.  The soft tool is  the methods of
the know-how.

The helping requires

big powers


The level of the know-how has risen up in
the world. The solutions of problems are
difficult because we want to remove the
annoying problems. The experts' and my
abilities also are small. We are surprised at
the difficulties.

I met my friend, Timo Niklas-Salminen,
the UN man. He went to found factories,
among others in China, India, Ethiopia.
A lot successes. 


(I am along, problems off100. Do I and
the readers / the fans get  to the 1
million euro work along 13.2.2017?
I suspenct. I am in  the competition of 1
million euros:

Objective: How are the young  people of
the world helped forward in the life? A
Finnish translate  into English into the
pages when there is time.

- work and future to young people
- economic  growth to services

New_Uusia_asioita_1.JPG- the life would become better

- safety more,  work, writing,  services,
- away the problems would become

Helping science

The helping of the young has been moved
to different countries here. I was along in
the work of Tampere which failed down
10 years since. The objective was good
and brilliant but the failure came. The
reasons for the failure have been clarified.


The failure will not come, 1. The plans
and  messages to the people were orders
and direction high. The people were
forgotten.  It was an objective to get
secures and the professional skill to the
people but the people were forgotten.
Over geniuses less.

The failure will not come, 2.  The helping
of the people was not developed further.
I presented: Problems of the learning
smaller, so that the people will come along.
Every human being has professional skill
and  know-how about somewhere. It is
taken as  help. We need the soft tools to Objectives_Tavaott_1.JPG
the people.

The failure will not come, 3.  The people's
expectations and values of the life were not
brought ’To a distance of 1 metre ’. The
plans were a theory how the people are
made better and more success. It was not
talked the people's worth one which we
wait  for: jobs, arrivals on groove success,
winning of the competition and other.

The failure will not come, 4.   The
designers hid a valuable information. The
people are open and tell their wishes. It
will be important when work is done. Good
approaches are told. The digital
programmes facilitate work because the
programmes remember the big matters.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland.