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5. Teamwork, workSuccesss_more_2.JPG

We need big steps and methods of the
economy so that the future can be built.
The means are found for helping.

There are too many
unnecessary writings

The big solutions of the developing are
looked for in Finland. I am along. I bring
solutions to the people. The people write
matters for the 4000 books every day. The
help has not come for 50 years.

Instruction: The work must be made
more valuable -, it gets a lot of money


I met the former UN man Timo Niklas-
Salminen which created a hundred
companies to China or raised companies to
the rise.

The developing countries will not  get rich
forward if they produce only cheap products,
textiles, clothes, shoes and  others. The
serious matter.

The young people's future will
fall down  if one does not receive 
the education


The country will not train young people to the
profession and future if the country gets only
small income from the sales of the foreign


It will last 100 years before the developing
countries get the same standard of living
when now there is the west countries.

All kinds of people need the rise so
that  the welfare and the quality of
life will  improve (Jukka Innanen)

I wrote in the economy paper, It is not
a wisdom to find the wisdom.

When a person gets a affirmative
buoyancy to his life, he will come for

Myonteista__Rikki_e_1.jpgmeetings, for teamwork, for education, for
development et cetera. Now only 6 -10
persons visit at the meetings, the groups
et cetera. The minor activity follows when
to the persons a negative picture of the
participation has come.

In the world there are 1 milliard persons
which is hoped coming to teamwork and
to other.

The creation of activity and participation is
important to passive persons. The learning
and the growth upwards will begin when
the person trusts to himself and sees that
the life is improving.

And the person notices: it will be coming the
light future to me, when I do something.

The new ways to learn are tried; the work is
done among hobbies. If it is FAILED, the
wisdom will learn about the mistakes.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland