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Modern leadership is in everyone's interest.

Management  included person increases skills

and opportunities  to do work and other life.

Problems are consuming your life 

Learning and succeeding

more easily



Photo Modern management

On the flow of life

Problems are solved slowly or quickly.

The causes of the problem, the search takes time.

Learning and succeeding

more easily

Digital twin:

New learning, skills of success and well-being

are flowing constantly into work, planning,

writing, etc. Flow does not stop.



The digital twin 'treats' a person's mental health

too.  More successes, more professionalism, more

quality of life. Despair away.  Problems ahead -

problems are solved away.

A person trusts himself

A person can improve their work way

An example of old management. There are

30 people in the company.  One person sets

goals, one person knows the future.

One person knows how to solve problems

away when a threat is  Staff. The threat is

being kept secret.

Modern management

Digital twin: All individuals know the goals.

Director, pre-person teaches, coaches





A real event in court and is moving on to a movie.

A young woman was raped.

The lawyers prolong disputes, we deny the dispute.

The lawyers' fees are increasing.


Accused: The woman lifted the skirt.  The withdrawal

was  concession can be raped.  (The Lawyers have a

large stock of sentences ready to prolong disputes)

Women in  a  legal proceeding: - Perkele, jumalauti,

helvetti, Finnish  profanity.


The world's first story when a

woman urinates, pees on face

The event moves to the movie.

The lawyer is defending injustice again. Half a

million euros  has not moved out of the accounts. -

One zero off.  The same woman is seeing tdhe lawyer.


Now I'm going to put my skirt and urine on the

lawyer's face. The wrongdoer gets a reward

from me.