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8. A lot of mail from
different countries

Catholics and the socialist system, people lived
want to know from the history:
What kind of life has been?
What has happened to the people of the page?
What evil deeds secret police did to humans?

I have received a lot of mail from different


We want to know how we family history  were
treated when we lived in a socialist economy.
Many Polish fled to the United States.

Italy, the Vatican:

Our family wants to know how Catholics
chastened ... We are some 1 billion group.
I do not know.

Hungary, the young aged 16:

I'm interested in young people's lives
before I was born. What secret police
have been made against young people?

United States:

I remember newspaper articles, when large
quantities of Poles emigrated, Catholics
changed to the US. What are the causes of
migration?    The reasons are not  double.

Thousands of people have been waiting for that,
explains how the secret police has acted
a socialist economy.

The nature of the actor is presented

The secret police was a
monster, devil, involved a
lot  of madman life, suspects

First of all, Professor presentation

Young fans have suggested the professor's
The professor cut their hair themselves. Hair
quality level?  A white shirt is dirty - between.

A dandruff appears on top of the shoulders.
The clothes are a 20-year-old
production; has purchased beer sales.
The clothes are dark trousers  and coat,
costume. No fashion clothes.

What should be the play business?
Professor to live the life of the data;
The external

cleanliness does not mean much to him.
A pants are 15 cm too short.
A neckties have not been able to establish
impressively.  The suit is 20 years old, small,
short, wrinkled.

The Autism man

Professor is more than wise. He has got
university a teacher on the basis of a good
memory, to teach among other things,
statistical science. He suffers from a mild
brain dysfunction,  autism.

Prof. memory is the top. He remembers -
Once reading - inter alia, New Yourk service
stations street addresses.

Autistic person does not  have
the feeling of things to think
about people. People are
breathing the air worthy of
the  professor's thoughts

Women prefer a university professor, because
he gave up one number better scores of female
students. The university professor also
approached female students with matrimonial

He is got a lot of   happy to a gossips behind
their backs. Professor has warned of women's

Professor will sending  hundreds of love letters
women. Every letter of repeating the same thing.

I am
you day
and night
You are
in my

Relative Laura asked the professor,
do you imagine women at night. Professor:
I have a good heavy sleeper to sleep
right away in the evening.
(With the professor and a Russian woman
generated a spark.)

Autistic person does not understand
with human sadness and a grief talking.

Vale funeral, in the church

Autistic person constantly swinging.
How? Fingers make some movement.
The way has been learned during university

Funeral oration, who is

Professor to keep the Funeral oration  to
Henry,   who

is living inside a coffin in the church.
Henry chuckles silently in the coffin.

1. Dear Henry's funeral guests (listeners
church of less than 200 people).

(Funeral oration is interrupted
After 3 minutes, - the danger will come)

2. We were surprised of Henry's sudden
death. We have come to  to bury the
100 per cent  honesty loving man.

3. We are faced with great sorrow when
best friend left permanently  away from us.
He is no longer seen  on the hoof. will.

4. Statistics to know that  Throughout the
centuries people have been killed steady
pace. Death entry can not be predicted,
but Deaths will come from a surprising,
sometimes not.

5. Statistics is unable to predict the death of
the body. The body deteriorates different
people differently.

6. Henry's last sign of life was the last day

7. Human Death is at least one the advantage
of not having to pay taxes. 

(The funeral is interrupted  after 1 minutes
- the danger comes

Funeral hopping to different things.
Professor is tired over and forgot
funeral speech at home,
because he was digging to bury secretly,
Next to Henry's tomb last night.

8. Henry died away in an instant,
suddenly in a car accident.

Help with young people: do not drive
towards the road bends 110 km per hour.

9. Henry's family is very bitter, when Henry
lost their lives from a young age.

The secret police will review the a coffin and
hit the coffinthrough the 5 gun bullets.
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland