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25. The help is obtained,
the debate began


Dark discussion, a model. The
present is not appreciated.

The second person goes through the 1960's,
the other goes through the 2020's.

I discussed with professor of the film field,
by mail
- I do not understand you.
- it it is managed without the artificial
- Yes, the human being will know when the
human being is put to know the manuscript.

I argued with the professor –Did I win?


I argued with professor and the
representative of the research institution:
One artificial intelligence remembers 20
persons' knowledge of the success of the
film. The human being not. I revised my
speech: The artificial intelligence does not
contain control, merely for the success but
the artificial intelligence remembers the
27 matters of the SUCCESS and better to
27 quality.

The artificial intelligence
directed: The naked girl
works in garden


The artificial intelligence proposes to make
a tidy life and a life value to the contents.
Example the girl who is 17 years lasts cuts
NAKED in the garden. Who see? The girl
wants to tan her skin.

Your value will be rising immediately. The instructions of the artificial intelligence have been tested. The artificial intelligence directs...

When you do /act DIFFICULT ACTS

- your value,

- your respect,

- your interest,

- your professional skills rise up.  Sotilaat_jalka_ylhaal_2.JPG

(The instruction applies especially to
girls, women)

Many say: I have seen when the human being drives a car when walks, when talks and makes the same matters.

Big expectations of the artificial intelligence. The digital programme is being designed to the right direction.

The Finns were estimated to be the best to help other countries. We share for example information and help into use of the others. But my own family met, damage:

The sermon removed moved money from the training of the young people -, secretly. My work for examining of the matter.