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Estimate the state of your life. What is the

value of your life? Money, protection of the

climate, leisure, hobby. The digital

programme controls to a better




YOUR LIFE, 1.-10. number.

1. Money,

    2. Friends,

        3. Work,

           4. Hobby leisure,

               5 . Pair relation, love,

              6. Professional skill increases,

          7. I learn a new one,

        8. Health

      9. Quality in life,

10. What do change in the life? What?

Make the number to a safe climate,

a number.

Order of your life

It is very important to me.

Our important objectives.Digdital_teaches_to_solve..JPG

I got up to the end of the

objective today. Your objective

can be small or bigger.

1. Do you get appreciation for your life?

Little                             A lot

1        2        3       4        5

Your own life is here.   Now estimate the

state of your life.


2. What strong properties do you Do_you__get__appreciation_for...JPG

have to offer to other people?

Little                                       A lot

1          2         3          4          5

3.  Do you get enough new doctrines,

skills and support so that you would


Little                                              A lot

1             2            3            4            5       DSC_0566.JPG

4. Have you bound yourself in to to

your work, new learning and hobbies?

Little                                                  A lot

1              2              3             4               5

5. Have you become motivated to

your work, to hobbies and increasing

of new skills?

Little                                              A lot

1            2             3            4            5

6. Are you justly treated in your life?

(What the unjust treatment is caused

by towards you?)

Little                                                 A lot

1             2             3              4              5

7. Do you have time and resources also

to leisure, to pair relation, hobbies,

relaxation et cetera.

Little                                                   A lot

1              2              3              4               5


Add all the numbers on the paper. What

is the state of your life now like?

Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu Finland.