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COMMENTS betterFlags_of_coutdries_204..JPG

The writing automatic machine and Digi

programme are able to help the reader.

The instructions and the better work ways

increase successes. Much experience to 

working and free time.




The money that has been meant for the

learning and helping of the climate change 

and of the young people has disappeared

elsewhere. 500 000 Euros had been

reserved for the helping of the young people.

The money has disappeared in the silence, the

bank accounts have emptied. The investor met

with difficulty. Part of the money stayed.

Matter of several year

I met the doctors the digital programme

in the introduction. Doctors: learning,

Flags__of_countries_2043.JPGworking and leisure must be made also

funny. Challenge! It must not be difficult

to learn new –but easy.

Work, free time also funny


I met the doctors the digital programme

in the introduction. Doctors: learning,

working and free time must be made also

funny. Challenge! It must not be difficult

to learn new –but easy.

The Digital programme and writing

problems__whole___204_20.4.2020.2.JPGautomatic  machine was tested. The

opinions were collected from the

learning together. (many persons wrote

opinions) read the interesting

comments. On the persons A. a story

was ready   B story  unfinished or C

story a root was begun. First the

beginning, middle and end of the

story were looked for.


The testing proved the help

Solution to problem opinions

- There are always problems in my life.

The programme advised to solve my

personal problems also away. Thanks,

I got away.

- The programme created an objective,

goal to the writing, story. This way I

Help_of_the_digital_programme_204..JPGhad not done earlier – in education.

We were happy in the group: we get a

help. We are happy.

- My story is now better understood,

I gave birth to the tension.

Many answers:

Now I was released and am myself


- I have been discriminated against in

the working life, I have not got a

scholarship. It has been discriminated

against. I am a young woman. I am an

old human being. There are enviers.

 I one is not able to subject any more.

I am proud of myself.    The persons

are not able to subordinate me down

- I had to renew beginning from the

story about the beginning. The

writing automatic machine created

the plan, a clear way. 5 Roads were Life_easier_204_.JPG

created ___ ____ __ ____ ______

- I started better immediately in the

work. I made laughters


I am able to prevent the arrival of

mistakes better. I prevent mistakes

beforehand, quality.  Beforehand.


- Big experience of the automatic

machine, revolution to me. - I started

better immediately at work. I made

laughters. - I learn to go to  the

important  and biggest matters  I got

in the doctrine how I create the

value to the spectators, I can make


- My self-confidence has risen up. I am

free …like bird.

A work succeeds


- The stress has diminished because I

see more successful performances.

Troubles less. In the work  we  feels



- I got a clear direction to my work, to

manuscript / for creation of the story.

I got excited about to work. -


The control of the digital programme

was tested.  The management method

is modern, the human being will be

taken into consideration when the

work is done.

- The way to get successes from me has

been missing earlier. Now I get.


A work succeeds



- My confused writing, my slow

planning decreased. The clear

plans of the programme now.


- My work proceeded slowly before,

the productivity improved. The

free time increased.

- Of secondary and trivial work was

proposed and was encouraged to

do forth. It have been wrong

advised to me.

Quality of the life   Working_and_free_time_easier_204..JPG


- I will be the gentleman of my own life

when a writing automatic machine is

directing the holder.

- I can learn more skills when the free

time will come.

- The digital programme brought a new

way to work and learning.

- The programme asked: What are big

matters, in your opinion in your story?

New learning adds successes to the

work  and to free time.

Does the programme make stories

ready? The writing automatic machine

directs the reader to develop its writing.

The digital programme directs the

quality to cure and to add factors to the

work. There are the 25 parts of the


The problems in a story and film arise

forth –it is solved away. The progress

of a story and film must be thought of,

must be discussed and must be thought.

Instruction: And it one must write up to

the memory what problems are coming

to the story, to filming of the film.

Seppo Korpela  Nokia