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8. Quick, interesting
learning,We feel
happy...  at the work


The Chinese digital programme
controls to improve the quality of the
films / entertainment.  Problems in
the studying away. We feel happy at
the work.  We await of the
entertainment more.

The improvement of the quality system
helps to make
quality into entertainment.  
The manuscript and work of the film are
divided into the part of
22 qualities.
Successes will come to the consumers,
workers, companies, country.


All win in improvement

The improvement of the quality was begun
to design because the supply and contents
of the entertainment in the world have not
satisfied spectators.

The people of China waits   about
entertainment, contents of the
entertainment more, life's value, less the
negative effects of films on the children
and young people and other.


China does not want to be a bystander in
the development. We want to create the
products and services into which the
consumers are satisfied. We feel happy at
the work.

Objective 22. of the digital


We reach for the good life along leisure
and working hours.

OBJECTIVE: The pupils have an enthusiasm
to learn. There 
are dreams  of the
profession. The teachers /  the controllers

talk every day about the objectives.   The
objective is this x today.

The controllers / the teachers have a wisdom
to teach matters which
are important to the
pupils. The important doctrines and work
give forward long steps in the life.


Problems in the studying

1St the head downwards.
2. eyes closed.

3. the hand up. Who does have problems
in the studying?   Who does 
difficulties to learn? Who does lack dream

in studying and work? We talk about
the objectives.

For young people support must be provided.
The mental fire also is
learning. There are
too many all kinds of temptations for young

people –  Time out of education. It is talked
with the young people
about the objectives
and expectations – in private.


I asked the big foreign companies: Why? We cannot make a tension and quality like the people are killed.

Our development work of the digital
programme is wide and is still  unfinished. The
digital programme brings out the work of the
wholeness which is an advantage in the
work and the learning.

My big thinking:Work_career_forward.JPG

How the digital programme moves to the
Information, work way, how are the
learning, learning itself,  remembering and
others. The responsibility is big so that

the people will learn.


The criticat moment

We make the dicitions

Our development work of the digital
programme is wide  and is still unfinished.
Architecture of the digital programme
architecture has been begun. Headings,
subtitles, table of  contents. Contents.

I have got post from the world. We would
copy the programme and
we would sell the
programme before you. I BUILD THE DIGITAL


Seppo Korpela Nokia  Finland