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7. More successes

Mental training = Trainer of the success
trains succeeds to create the bigger results
to the athletes. The better success also is
obtained to other people –easily.


The simple instruction improves the success
and achievements. The human being is ready
to use more its time for developing and
learning when the obstacles and problems
have been removed from inside the mind.

The successes will come

Football player should think of the doing of
the target in the competition. The person
would not to bring with the troubles of the
yesterday, if one wants to succeed in the
football match, in the studying, work, with
the people.

The instruction: reduce

something away. The

exchange brings a   new

matter to your distant

Money worries, woman - the man - problems
and so on - the failure can be involved with
in the thoughts.

Some players have told that the negative
attitudes have been created already in a
childhood. Also the unpleasant events take
down a life during today's time. Also the
studying, the working and living at leisure
will weaken down when the bad thinking
goes during the day along.


The going of the life

ends downwards

The instructions must be clear and intelligible
to the training, for the trained person can
have locks with inside the mind. The obstacles
are bad events at home, on job, in studying.

The life of the person's day is weakened
downwards by the quarrels, money worries,
family worries with the persons. The worries
calculate of a skilful.


The Bad, unpleasant gloomy thoughts of the
human being must be removed from a mind.
The planning of the time is the following
work. The obstacles are removed down.
What there have been they? Write down.

The drawbacks of the life

are moved aside

You remove an unnecessary matter down
from yourself. Unnecessary work is finished,
also as the leisure. There is room for a good
matter now in yourself. the good and
acclaimed values of the life will come along.

Expert the group



We get the better quality of the life up. The
valuable thinking and work increase, the
satisfaction increases up.

The leisure gets for the new
contents around

made the comparison between 8 person

1. The studying progressed better 15-30%.Vahenna_pois1.JPG

2. The industrial accident was prevented
because, the thinking, is clear to think of a

former accident / the accident.

3. The contents of the work  changed  the
success increased - more valuable
success is entertainment to the life. A good

4. The mistakes are made but the mistakes                                                   down
are smaller.   Satisfaction.  Seppo Korpela
Nokia Finland