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In Germany, France                                         18.9.2020

German and the French are interested French_windom_problems..JPG

in the doctrine; problems away.

Increasing of the professional skill

with the help of the digital programme

gives the people better future. The

French interested, many parts of the

quality. I feel happy better in the work.

French and German the film companies

were asking from my Digi programme.

Curiosity a lot. There was an

elementary testing 2 weeks.


The photograph reports, the viruaalinen


French and German the film companies

were asking from my Digi programme.

Curiosity a lot. There was an elementary

testing 2 weeks.

German and the French are interested in

the doctrine; problems away. Summaries

from both designers and the workers'


Enough successes in our work have not

come, there are problems. We study

the 3 completing of the film and 


We suspect generally: - Partly many years

old and negative approaches fall in France

the productivity, success  of film companies.

In Germany the problems away -solution is

Together_we_succeed_cat_and_dog207..JPG considered good because then the

annoyances, drawbacks and obstacles

disappear. The working is agreeable,

productivity and profitability bring

advantages to the workers and companies.

Together we succeed: cat and dog

- The problems have been just preventing

our work satisfaction and our successes.

- It is perhaps easy to remove the

drawback, difficulty or problem.

- During Covid-19 epidemic a new learning      

is as the offering of the French cake to Important__info_Digita_to_yoy2..JPG

people – to everybody.

We could do something together.

On tests.

- I noticed immediately, I learn more

occupational knowledge and skill. - The

work ways brought new migration through

to my life.

- Satisfaction, when the successes  see


- I leave for visit better. - I am more

courageous in the working.

- I realised to do  the small work better.

- I noticed, motivation will increase when the

wholeness of the life improves. The professional

skill increases, I get successes more.

- The objectives / the goals are to better in  a


- A lot of feedback came from the French. - The

people do not want too much to learn during

the day.

- The programme gives too great objectives but 

on the other hand a lot of new matter of the

doctrine also.

- We get too much flood of the information.

- I get excited about the self-development

sometimes too much: Objective, 8 hours of work, 

8 hours leisure and hobbies 8 hours of sleeping.

Value_is_increased_lisataan_207..JPG- I made too big changes in my life.





- The diary could be written up from the

learning The use of the free time could bring

balance for the learning.

The digital programme defends

itself. Principal_aims_in_live..JPG

Solution is in the digital the programme. Too

much flood of the information will not come 

because we learn to work that of

the high value. Always a part of the

old work way is omitted.


The arrival of the learning is learned …

Problems are being solved. Remark to French

and Germans: With a positive attitude towards

life atmosphere one must be in the company     One_human_being_not_but_with_the_group..JPG

and learning group. Only technique has been

perhaps used for the solving of problems.

The respectful atmosphere to people must

be created to a company et cetera.

The production of the entertainment,

the foundation of the film field is

created by only reforming work way.

During the Covid-19 epidemic the new

work way will become the most important

a former a live. The new work way leads

the transition to a cheaper work, a

professional skill increases, less coal is

created, a productivity and a successes

increase. The future of a human being

and economy will come to a surer and

durable bottom.

What are the skills of our


The digital programme is built on these

- Problems is been able to = it is learned to solve


- Mental and vocational skills are combined with

work way

- The learning ability is added with new skill to teach.

- In the work and free time we birth less coal. - The digital skills are added to many fields. - Cooperation with the people. The salary will rise when together we can solve problems away.