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3. The help for the

The digital programme always has a better


memory than a human being. The digital
programme helps and directs 24 / 7. The
work  is facilitated because, the
improvement of the work is included at
with work.

Guarantee of the success

Uber of the film brings the help for the
young  and film field. Uber is resisted.
Uber also to   the film field.


                     I swung in the swing... The blood

                      will    come to  the head, wisdom

Uber of the film field directs the
scriptwriter, worker, the producer of the
service. The ready work breeds high to the
customer's wishes  because the automatic

machine remembers and directs service.



The human being does not remember a 1
month ago numbers, parts, kilos, colours,
the proposals, objectives, problems,
changes, the improvement of the quality
and other.


The wish list has come from

the world

More successes must be


The problems must be solved away. We
have the list about objectives.

The work is done so which the customers,
spectators wait for want and hope about
the service.

The work is done so which the customers,
spectators wait for want and hope about
the service.

The film and the writing need

the values of the life

1. No The violence because, for example the
use of a pistol and knife towards the people


does not rise up increases the interest the

2. No sex matters because the quality does
not rise up 3. Drugs are not idealised,   no

3. Drugs are not idealised, no smoking. No
racism. The people are not mocked on the
basis of a race, complexion, religion or
country. Objective: Women, girls and young
people are not underrated down. Good
examples to 3  milliard women.

4. Wish: The valuable information is not

Nokian_koululaisia_2._paras_maailmassa_1.JPGhidden about the young. Hiding is a worldwide
problem.   Alliance agreement. We will be
open when we work.  We talk about the

problems and we solve the problems away.
We feel happy better in work.

5. We promote the protection of the climate
forward. We have an environmental system.

Finnish girls the second best in world. Pisa study. The Girls of Nokia. In Finland free education. America in the university 2
young people pays 400 000 euros.

The System of the

Olympiastadion_Rasisti_juoksu_1.JPGimprovement of the
quality, Digital system.
    The accident will
not   come to the human.

6. We promote economic growth and the
promotion of the digital economy so that
the people will not be displaced iat the
work.   We want to promote good matters.
We are  open so that the best matters will
come  forth. Our good values of the life
are resisted.

This way it is resisted

I have got a anonymous post. The feedback:
The middle-aged men want to retain money,
work and the value more. We do not want to
have an impairment in the film field.

The racists have had a


difficult childhood

Reason  for the racism: I clarified racists  and
the racists' work meets 
  with  the experts .

The racists act worldwide, a lot of e-mail is
exchanged with the second racists.

We are racists because we get the honour
and the advertisement in the crime
investigation. We are forth in the radio in
the television and papers – free …In United
States, Britain, France …
We get votes in the election, we win an

I wrote to papers: We have 100 times
bigger troubles, problems, worries,
difficulties. Feedback: We resist openness,
the alliance an agreement. One wants to
take the taxes to a    d a r k.    It is an old
tradition in the politics. A post from
Australia. Shortened. In Australia we know,
the young people are not given the
opportunities of the life. It does not have
the reforms of the young approved.
Seppo Korpela  Nokia Finland