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German doctrines,

I was surprised when I received 200 pages of
spy  information about arms factory enhancer.

I have the evidence and valuable information …
from Germany.

It was a concern for the decline in
living standards

Psying: the Germans were concerned, the
European  States the standard of living is
falling down.

The history speaks the truth

The film is about: the true events, the Germans
require espionage and information about how
much the European peoples the standard of
living and quality of life  decreases if the
socialist the economy will be in Europe.

Politicians in favor of freedom and

Politicians interested in,the more information
was obtained  Socialist economic difficulties.
European countries and the United States
wanted to secret information.

Father, my father gave Spyware knowledge in
Finland to other countries.

The death penalty for Iivari Korpela


I appreciate your father's father's valuable work.
He was murdered  in 1918. The film events in
1964. It has been added understanding:

You got the reward for...
the death sentence.
You've been spying
in favor of the
Germans. You
will  be removed.

The German national character

The Germans supported and led to spying, in
order to  select the right economic system  In
the european countries. If the wrong economic
system selected, people's standard of living,
quality of life and the rights of degraded
much of Europe.

Historians: the freedom to grow the standard
of living and the economy.
Historians have said that the Germans wanted
eager to get spyware information, because the

German national character calls for savings.

Thrift, economy and the financial security of others.
guided the German national character.
The Germans wanted to help and warn the peoples
of Europe, as German national character thinks
about money,  savings, efficiency.

If you select the wrong social system, socialist
economy, quality of life and standard of living will
fall during the 50 years of 300 - 400%.
The forecast was right, and the standard of living
declined in Eastern European countries.

Also, Catholics liberated Europe

Catholics were doing hard work in order to
reaching out a socialist economy that oppresses
people down.