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3. Yes the winners, No The losers

Petteri Jarvinen, digital doctor spoke
during the Technology days.
Petteri Järvinen, is the author of 30 books

It is becoming both
winners and losers
here - the digital
economy remains

Almost allwant to win in life, when the
person is changing tremendously - in the
digital economy.

Finland's top expert in the digital economy:

Unnecessary fear out of

Will   the automation and digital work  take
out of jobs?

Reforms have always dreaded 100 years
and whenever people are required to bring.


Man is a machines more intelligent and
high.   The robot does not know how to do
food, towel folding passed 5 minutes,
did not make love.


A skilled person is the winner.  Media
presents too many the machines and
the robots to power.

There was asked from the expert: coding
skill  is good to teach to a children.

Coding I do not really support because
we do not need to learn the car installation,
refrigerator repair. They have been with
us.  Equipment develop enormously in the
coming years  period.

Photo > 
The audience asked  from the doctor 
a digital  dangers.


A Woman: Can   with a girl robot
love. We are afraid ... infidelity. .                                                                                       Photo >
Humans have always been more intelligent
in the love of  the matters  with the girl robots.

In the future, we have programs camera,
computer  ground-breaking features, etc.

I went over to Petteri Jarvinen hear, so I
would know what skills we need in the

What knowledge, skills,
and know-how needed? 

Automation and robot does not know how to

o man must be creative,

o knows how to solve problems,

o understand the information,

o can tell understandably. Be the ...

These data are important precisely in those
working, what will you do now - and you
have the winner.

We need to be involved in the digital
economy    - Walk in the same steps.

Skype language pivot automation
translates the writing / speech when
tell - at the same time.

It is becoming the digital age revolution.
Consumers want you to do BETTER LIVES
other. Your profession comes from many
directions  new requirements.  Seppo
Korpela, Nokia, Finland.