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24. Digital will bring HELP

The tools of the digital programme will
bring  big help when we work. You

Think_of__Ajatella.JPGlearned  to lead  to your life itself, to your
free time,  your work.

The structures of the Chinese artificial
intelligence have been tested. The structures
are unfinished. The help / the successes will
be becoming better the quality of the film /
from artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence has been designed
as well as …He Finnish military commander

Word_mp.JPGMannerheim (Finland did not disappear war,
1939-1945) said: Not a single matter may go
for the failure.



It is the objective of the artificial intelligence
to direct learning: The learning time more.
The  flipped learning has been added to the
programme. We are taught to take the
responsibility for learning, learning of
tomorrow's day, from the learning of the
week, from the learning of the month.

The pupils correct mistakes and short-
comings in the skills themselves. Doctor
of the learning, Marika Toivola.

The tools of the digital programme will
bring big help when we work. You learned
to lead to your life itself, to your free time,
your work.Kerro_tarina_onnistut.JPG

Also the problems arise. The setting of
objectives to self is a big problem.  The
objectives are big, good and big value. The
indicator estimates how your life goes

The digital programme also forbids works.
In the film the car bumped into the car’s
side. The car flew 7 metres, dents did not
come. The car was a cardboard picture. The
cardboard picture was transported at the
air by  cords.VapaaKauLipp.JPG

The proposals have come from the Russians
to the film, the lie funeral. It is laughing. The
Indian improvements are laughing people.

When the quality is improved, we will need
many experiments and alternatives.   From
France: The young girl cuts the grass naked
in the garden. And she tans herself on the
roof of the sauna –naked.

The young people have had dreams to make
high-quality films. By artificial intelligence.