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The information is hidden

Young actors: I examine: The professional
skill is good and sufficient. The contents of
the work or stories are usually incomplete.


The life does not  become full.

The progress on the tradewill slow down
when  the important information is not
shared. The life  does not become full.

If the human being is not given good
approaches  and valuable information, the
life starts slowly.
The help will bring the approaches for a
weekday  the examples, digital programmes,
the innovation  and others. The contents of
the manuscript  determine the success of
the film.


Very general - The young

people have said:

Work is offered but they are parts, small
and  incomplete. Correction: The work must
improve  a lot of contents upwards. Safety
in the life  improves forward.

Look, the film  field Ube

It is succeeded,


Young actors and others get a trade,
professional  skill, arrivals of the success

if if if, a task work, tasks, roles, presentations
is  given. And the valuable information will
come a  growth.  Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland


Text of pictures. The human being will
get forward when there  are innovations,
services of the digital economy...
I photographed the sun, Spain, the end
of the world.