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Costs, debt, income
in balance

World be going to become more


international, good or bad changes
will be a lot of people's lives.

There will also be good news and
bad news; 
economic crises.
Jobs are vanishing, but at the same
time develops a new type of work.

Politicians advise


Information is forgeing.  World
economic problems will begin.
Politicians tell us that there will be
continued the old way of life, when
a contry / law is passed.

There are Consumed a expenditures
more than  (there) is a income.

Voters will respect for politicians when
we always benefits to voters (debt).

A changes should not be made because
of our  Support for politicians begin to
count down.   We're talking about reforms.


A advantages more
there  is going lose 
more one's job

The economic crisis.
The old way of living is poison to  the
global economy and young people
for life.

The important things is encrypted us
from young people. We will get a
information and does not
instructed to develop.

Young people from the digital economy
is challenged, is not supported.

The old ways will know more poverty, more
inequality, less new jobs are going  to.

When the old work habits are not changed,
goods and services. Production is shifting
to countries with low production.

There is madness, when you do not talk
about problems and general improvements

I asked experts and we

Young people who handle the matter told.

Services, including cultural services must
be   to obtain desirable.  Services have to
be so driven that  competing services and
products are suction to a purchase.
Digital Household connect, improve, change
world for the better.

New skills are being together with different
states added value of the processing work,
work  generated values.
The quality of products and services
increases up.

Data warehouse the size of a dwarf
In order for young people to become
Cooperation is needed because in many
company, school, etc. is a small know-how

A small expertise which is not always
required, A small abilities do not make high-
quality products to customers.

We need to replace the digital programs, so
that old methods of work decrease in daily
work. Make work easier methods will become
more in common.

Where skills are now high on competence?
What are the expectations of consumers for
products and services from?

What skills do we have?
What kind of knowledge stocks we have 2-5
years  after?

When the cooperation begins, what each party
expect cooperation.

What's partner expect from us when
we begin cooperation? Our expertise rises
up.???             Seppo Korpela Nokia