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Henry, who died twice, tells the story of a battle get 9 life 
value money back. About 0.5 million
strangely disappeared
from the investor's bank account.
O.5 million was supposed
to increase justice,
combating climate threat, reducing
poverty and
discrimination when skills and competences
increase, etc.
Henry engages in laughing and funny deeds
of injustice
I answer in the movie. A lot of student work.

The film goes to the real events when people's life values  
are belittled. The person in the family chooses from a young
age: I give
all my wealth 9 for the value of life and for
people. The religious group Sley knew about more than
half a million euros. 44 home visits are becoming more
frequent to a wealthy man's home.
The bank accounts are emptied and the wealth of almost 0.5 
million euros disappears somewhere. The man of the family,
Henry, does not accept injustice, discrimination against
people, increasing poverty, people's insecurity,
downplaying the climate threat and terrorist attack etc.
With 8 men, the genius Henry plans a trap, a secret 
eavesdropping and evidence of a man transferring money.
The first quarrel begins when the bank accounts are
emptied in the kitchen, the table is poured. The quarrel
continued in the courtyard of the house. Quarrels and big
laughs gather people in the courtyard of the house to watch
the laughs.

The lawyer and the transferor of the money misrepresented and irritated people's life values. Bank account drains / transfers of assets of more than 0.5 million euros are disputed, although evidence is shown. Men annoy and mock Henry and women.
Henry gets annoyed when 9 life values and helping people are
not realized. The money is taken away from preventing terrorist attacks, combating the climate threat, ensuring the future of companies and staff, training, etc.

More perverts are disciplined, and the discipline generates 
more long laughs. Urine is thrown on clothes, men are lifted
up  on the wall like Christ.

Henry goes to investigate the disappearance of money and life 
values with the help of a chainsaw in the Sley office. The door 
won't open. Henry saws a head-sized hole in the door: Shall we 
negotiate through the hole? In the office, 9 men are scared 
and amazed.  Henry gives a lecture on the values  of life: He 
saws a chainsaw with a blade 'LIFE VALUES' for a long time on 
the office desk cover and the blackboard.

Henry gains the reputation of a troublemaker. The search for Henry begins. Henry decides to make themselves invisible and to move away from the locality. A fake funeral is arranged for Henry. The successes of fake funerals are exciting. Scary information comes to the funeral: The contents of Henry's coffin are going to be checked. The funeral is interrupted and the coffin and the
living Henry are taken running to a false grave. Runners fall down. 3 pistol bullets pierce an empty coffin in the grave, etc. People
get scared when Henry is alive and meets people, etc.

The provision of assistance has been collected
in the Digital Program for the benefit of all

The film is improved, costs are reduced and controlled with the help of the Digital Twin. The quality level and life values of the
film are improved by 24 quality improvements through the
system. The film takes responsibility for building and securing people's lives, etc. etc