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3. By digital programme up


The DIGITAL programme gains the skill, the
programme can control and can advise the
planning into better entertainment.

The Chinese make the programme to   the
digital  programme. The programme steers
to  impreve the quality and the planning of

The programme controls by the steps to the
quality and the entertainment.   The
production of the film also progresses well
when, pre-planning has been done right.


(Notice, 21parts will not always come into
the part of the story).

The most important objective of the
programme is to do a manuscript right so
that the film will succeed.

In the production of the film there is much
other work also. At the same time other
work of the film becomes easier.


Many workers see the manuscript and how
the planning goes forward.

The moments of the story are divided into
many parts. The mistakes are noticed. At the
intranet   the works and the planning are
seen, work can be improved, can be moved
or the additions can be made.


All part the
partners will see the change immediately
if the improvement of the quality comes.
The actors, camera person, light and voice
person and so on. Henry plays an important
part on a flight trip also.


Improvement of the quality of the film up,
the valuable of the film up and making of
the film known up.

These are a constant improvement work
in the digital programme.



China has a bottom for the values. People,
nations, countries are not stained down.

The results are expected from films.  Does
the digital programme give a new
improvement into a new work way?

Exel Growth of 10 per cent to the quality
up. Sum x 1.10 =
Seppo Korpela Nokia Finland