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8.  al-Qaida and Isis,
not flowers

The better work methods create 1. safety,
2. economic growth, 3. know-how and 4.
better future. The new work methods,
standards are needed more.

Do right, you are the right human


Standards, work methods are needed
correct so that we will do a work right. The
best work method is chosen. The customers
are satisfied with our work.

You fall in the car accident, the helping must
do by a right according, the rules and
standards. The works also are wrong done.

A post has come from the


I was involved in the study: There was the

people's wish: Some rules, instructions,

proposals are created. The good ways of life

are advanced. The people are helped, the

quarrel are reduced and other. More writings

are need.

In the world there are 26 000 standards,
work methods. Too much. Finland will be a
chairman and a secretary permanently when
the standards are created up. The right
method creates success. O. We also need
standards, the right methods for the doing
of the film.

My proposal is resisted (probably from the


United States). It is examples to give superior
know-how in the films of the United States
to al-Qaida and Isis.

One factor of the improvement of the
quality: Only one. Improvement of the
quality my system: we do not give the
models to the makers of the terror attack.
We  do not get the flower transmissions
from the  terrorist organisation al-Qaida
and Isis,  when the film has been made..

The police and airlines of the world hope:
Make the films so:


The al-Qaida and Isis terrorists do not
send  flowers to the factors of the film.

The terrorists took the models and got
excited of the doctrines by the American
film: The film advised how the terrorists
rush by aeroplanes to towers of buildings.
The terrorists got excited teaching by the
American films. The result. Word Trade
Center towers 11.9.2001.

Terrorists: we are able to do the same as in
the film.

Standards, the right work methods are
voluntarily made. 5 countries are needed in
Europe a good work method to choice.
What advantage will come? We can say, we
observe good methods which the consumers

Wish: Follow what films give the terrorists
the examples.

The terror attack became expenses of
hundreds of milliards to 180 countries: the
prevention in advance costs. I am designing
the improvement of the quality to the film.
There are 15 factors of the quality. Briefly.

1. Aim...

2. Surprising, surprise

3. One prevents, Stop.

4. Tension. Excitement, afraid to
be Wonder at, interest

4. To laugh at,

6. One understands.

7. One believa...

8. The same in life.

9. To solve, Settle...

10. One moves.

11. Somebody does.

12.  Money is spent

13 . Briefly

15. For known