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Information leading to

Right information will bring
real life

1. Important information is going to lead to
the  life to come.


There is the information, which eliminates a
problems and a errors and a weak growth
down. Success is going to come with
(There have been collected Youth thoughts.)

There are work and leisure time, which benefits
life   and manages.

2. Management issues

There is a lot of work and free time. Where
order, it is best to make the choices ahead,
when you are traveling the road of your life?
A wise person will choose the correct order.

In what order we are going to choose a job?
Where work and free time, there are going to
born a costs, a nuisance and a problems?

What methods and ways of life will be
changed  new?

Success edder

How do we manage and the quality rises
people help?
We have several jobs that  start of production.
What works will be selected  for the people?

From the work we revenues that
customers will pay?

7 steps to eliminate the problems.
What we are learning to work hard to stop down?
What works is going renewed?
What experiments will be undertaken?
Seppo Korpela Nokia