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7. We waiting: Internet should...

A example ...succeed
Internet of Services you need to build help  people.

Human life contains important
things, to which it is hoped
convenience and assistance

Internet of Things comes, Internet of Services


are needed also.

Internet subscriptions are added to the objects
and services      Internet of Things.
Internet connection is becoming everywhere.

We waiting: The Internet
should facilitate and
succeed in our work

Internet of Services includ to keep a SYSTEM
to serve people's lives for the better.

There is a lot of unnecessary Internet
services and  the systems offered to us.

A Forecast, Future: Unnecessary data
should be a large display panel in 7/24.

One of the milk carton is no longer in a
refrigerator.  Apples and root crops are
starting to become old.

Important information for you the Internet
service system: The display panel displays.
A example.

A. Today it is the 26th day of the month.

You have lived for more
than a revenue

The revenues left 504 e, the costs are 621,31e.

B. You have lived for 730 days of marriage, 4
days after meeting. Book  place + dining from
restaurant. Who are the friends of that?

C. 4 days after a meeting, Diana and David
wedding.   New ideas for missing 2.

D. Week health is improved by 4%. There is
missing training, fitness 643 muscle movement,
exercise 16 343  step.

F. Revenue this year, purchases, goods
this year.

The quality and the success
is obtained to a movie

INTERNET with the film production. I am working
Digital pre-planning. Example.

There ADD more tension, novelty, story, laugh,
reduce the cost. The program presents: Success
and the quality is needed for this ...
Seppo Korpela Nokia

Review: In ‘Spectre,’ Daniel Craig Is Back as
James Bond, No Surprise

The New York Times

Seppo Korpela

Finland November 8, 2015